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Cute Mug with Mom T-Rex and Kids : "Don't Mess with a T-Rex Mom !" Mother's day special

Cute Mug with Mom T-Rex and Kids : "Don't Mess with a T-Rex Mom !" Mother's day special

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This 11 oz bicolor mug features a fierce and protective Mom T-Rex with her adorable little ones. With the phrase "Don't Mess with a T-Rex Mom!" it celebrates the strength and love of mothers in the prehistoric world. The design captures the mighty presence of the T-Rex while showcasing the nurturing side of this ancient creature. Whether you're a dinosaur enthusiast or looking for a unique gift for a mom, this mug combines the power and tenderness of motherhood.

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Add some color to your routine with this two-tone, custom accent coffee mug. This 11oz mug features an accented C-Handle that is comfortable to use, as well as an accented interior to add more contrast and character. : White ceramic with colored interior and handle .: C-handle .: Eye-catching color contrast .: Lead and BPA-free

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